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Gain insight, seize opportunity – Unlock Your Business Superhero

A Platform built exclusively for Scoping, Discovery and Assessments that leverages automation merged with human input to deliver superior outputs and identify critical factors so you can execute your plan and track outcomes

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Check-It accelerates and reduces the friction slowing your scoping, discovery and assessment processes. With Check-It you won't waste manpower, struggle to piece information together, and constantly have to chase data. Check-It allows you to request or import the information you need, do real-time tracking of responses, review for accuracy, and remediate when needed.
You will have consolidated and usable information in one place, which dramatically smooths scoping and implementations.

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Step 1

Fill out the form and a Check-It professional will set a time to discuss your needs

Step 2

A Check-It senior consultant will work with you to see how Check-It can work for you

Step 3

We will get you started on a test case so you can see how effective you can be with Check-It

How It Works


• Assessments

• Audits

• Surveys

Easily build templates and dashboards for insght and accountability

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•Manage across departments, business units or Customers

•Track progress

•Assign to one or more users for completion


• Dashboard visualizations for top down insight

• Drilldown capabilities

• Version Control

• Scoring

Analyze :

• Aggregate Information

• import or export results quickly across your organization

• After Action Reviews and effective remediation


• Ingest data from disparate sources

• Log files, Databases, APIs

• Automate the audit process with no human interaction needed

Information is perishable, collecting it needs to be fast and accurate to unlock potential. Check-It is a platform designed for Assessments and Audits at the speed and volume of business. Spreadsheets and email stifle potential. You deserve a cloud based platform capable of automated data aggregation so you can focus on issues that create success.
Create and Distribute

We struggled with slow legacy tools like spreadsheets, paper, and static forms in business. Check-It is the solution that let you work at speed to unlock your vision, opportunity, and success.

Visualizations and Reporting

Uncovering new insights takes a platform designed for speed and the volume of today’s business

Use Cases

Complete quick reference to products, applications, and implied-experience

Plan Choices

Seat Licensing

Month-2-Month n



Years of experience

We have spent 20 years turning obstacles into opportunities with our clients

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Industries We Serve

Transportation Services
Technical Sales

Check-IT Use Cases

Consulting / Professional Services

Cloud Migration



Project Scoping


Software Implementation



Safety Programs

Job Safety

Food and Beverage


Contractor Assessment


Operational Efficiency

Brand Adherance

Facilities Management

Team/Location Evaluation



Process Inspection

Lean Standard of Work



$150.00/ month/ per user



*Discounts may apply


$1,500.00 / year / per user


Do I have to develop all my own assessments?

No, Check-IT has a library of Launch-Bundles that can be used out of the box, or easily modified in the Check-IT no-code interface

How do I find out if Check-IT is a good choice for us?

Either call (833)-339-6836 or click here to schedule a time time with one of our team

Do we have to install Check-IT in our data center?

Check-IT is a cloud only solution taking advantage of leading edge technology and security making it fast and easy to get started, with the assurance of Microsoft Azure so you know it's secure

Is Check-IT good for complex requirements?

Check-It was designed for both simple and complex assessments so you can easily bring in data and quickly report and deliver dashboards or remediation

Does Check-It have API capabilities?

Check-IT uses API's natively to both ingest and export data from outside sources, making it far more powerful than other tools. For more powerful insights, quickly leverage built in reports and dashboards or consume proprietary data sources, spreadsheets, log data and even IOT sensor output to unlock limitless potential to achieve more than ever.

Can I use an assessment over-and-over to reassess the same issue or group?

Our solution lets you continually assess and track an issues or teams for progress and if an obstacle comes up you can assign a remediation task and avoid surprises

We need data from IOT sensors and field observations; Is Check-IT a good choice?

Check-IT makes it easy to pull in field data from handheld devices, sensors, photos, RFID and other sources making it easy to aggregate as useful data, reports, dashboards and remediation tracking

We have highly specialized needs, can Check-IT be a solution?

Check-IT is highly customizable so you can have the exact tool you need, if you have existing spreadsheets, instruments or assessments they can be imported speeding your success, API integration creates a powerfull capability allowing for the ingestion or exporting of data - If you require specialized assistance, our consulting team is available

View our Starter Bundles in several Categories

We have cultivated a series of questionnaires, checklists, and surveys to help get you started. Quickly and easily start to develop your own assessments using our Launch Bundles as your starting point.


Job Safety Analysis

OSHA Reportable


Food Safety


Data Center Migration




Business Continuity Planning

Scrum Plan


Site Survey