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Safety in Manufacturing

Want to automate your LEAN standard work checks?

With Check-IT ensure key quality checks are being completed (Product Audits, Procedural Compliance, Statistical Process Control, EWMA, Inspection Systems, Quality Control). See hot spots within and across sites to deploy resources more effectively.

How can I manage my safety assessments?

Check-It can automate your safety assessments and audits across your plants, sectors and the entire organization

What about Inventory or Raw Materials?

Check-IT provides capabilities for the automation of raw material checks to lower waste costs and recieve cash flow quicker from vendor claims

What do we assess?

Gauge your safety programs to reduce near misses, first aids and reportable injuries.

What about MOC checks

Check-IT allows for the automation of MOC checks for easy views into compliance

Can we assess Lean Standard Work procedures

Yes, Check-IT provides the capability to track LSW compliance and drive accountability for individuals, teams and sites