Unified Audit, Survey and Compliance for Operations

CheckIT is designed for users that need a robust audit, process assessment or compliance solution. CheckIT enables you to easily create, distribute and analyse audits, compliance or process data and view in dashboards for accurate decision making. See how CheckIT can lead you to a new level of Operational and Procedural Compliance, Quality, Safety and Environmental Stewardship.

Insight Made Simple:

CheckIT is a flexible platform designed for non-financial Audits and Surveys. It provides a robust and distributable mechanism for measuring and reporting on Operational and Procedural Compliance, Quality, Safety, Environmental, Brand Adherence and After Action reviews. An easy to use GUI interface makes creation easy and fast. The workflow design makes it easy to distribute, execute and analyze outcomes individually or trend over time. API focused, CheckIT provides easy integration with other data sources allowing for analysis across platforms, equipment and organizational groups.

Create: Questionnaires and Audits across format and language – Easily build templates and dashboards for insght and accountability

Distribute: Policies, surveys and questionnaires to phones, tablets or computer – Easily track status to completion for accurate audits and superior outcomes

Complie: Dashboards for top down insight, with drilldown capabilities into version controled data, scores and tools for decsion enhancement

Analyze : Data, aggregate information , import or export results quickly across your organization for after action reviews and effective remediation

Applications in Industry